Thursday 3 February 2011

The tools that I use.

I have got quite alot of photos of myself working recently and have got some good ones of the tools that I use and of them in use so I decided to put some together on my blog.

This is my tool roll, from left to right, gouge chisel by Hans Karlsson, spoon knife by Svante Djarv,My polar whittler knife, a couple of scotch eyed augers, small carving knife by John Millington, guoge by Marples and a Frosts 106

The Adze I use is a small Adze by Hans Karlsson.
Here it is being used to carve out the inside of a bowl.

I love using this Adze it makes light work of carving bowls and Kuksa's.

I have quite a few Axes but the one that I use alot at the moment is my Gransfors Bruks large carving axe as it is very well made and carves skillfully, the steel holds an edge well and the Red Beech handle is perfectly shaped.

A couple of photos of my knives being used, first my Polar knife.

And my Svante Spoon knife.

I have been a bit busy recently but I have a couple of spoons on the go, I just need a bit of time to finish them and I will post them up on here.


  1. nice - got some tool envy going here now ;-), that adze is lovely, been looking for a decent one myself for a while, the Hans Karlsson ones are the dogs danglies but are a bit out of my league at present though.

  2. Did you make the tool roll or if not where did you get it from?

  3. You've convinced me...stop waiting for a good cheap the Karlsson...

    great post..


  4. Hi Richard the tool roll is a one that was handed down to me from my Dad, its a thick heavy canvas type.

    You wont go wrong with the Karlsson adze Andy, very nice tools to use!.

  5. Hello!
    Is it the 50mm adze with round sweep or the 60mm with more shallow sweep you are using?