Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ash Wood spirit staff

I have been meaning to have another go at another Wood spirit for a while now and seeing as the Ash staff drying was about ready, I set to it.
I have always found drawing hands and faces really difficult, and find carving them is tricky too!. The Ash is from a clearing job I did about a year an a half ago and is very straight, as soon as I saw it I knew it would make a sturdy staff, I left the bark on the staff as I like the just coppiced look it brings to the staff, very rustic!, with its few marks and a chainsaw scar on the back, makes it very rustic indeed.

I have another piece that I kept which will make another nice staff, I am thinking of making one more seeing as this one turned out ok.
This ones not quite finished yet, I have waxed it with bees wax and I'm thinking of adding some cordage for a wrist strap and also thought about a button compass sunk into the top of the staff, I'll get some more pics when its done.



  1. Nice Spirit, Simon. They are quite addictive to carve, aren't they! You can only get better at it anyway, so go for it. I'll look forward to the pics.


  2. Thanks Joel, they are very addictive to carve.
    The knife you made me is performing suberb! still as sharp as a razor and a joy to use.

    All the best.