Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Birthday walk in my favourite woods.

Well today is my Birthday, 35 years young!.
We all went for a walk this morning bright and early in my favourite woods in Chadkirk, Its a great wood with some really nice big old Beech trees and I love exploring around there, Elizabeth is 19 months old and has been on this walk a couple of times now and she loves it. So we packed a bag and set off for the wood.
The buds are ready to burst at the minute and in the glorious sun we had today they looked superb!.

Elizabeth off exploring.

The Ramsons are covering everywhere at the minute and on the breeze you can smell them.

Its a stunning woodland walk and so picturesque.

Full of wildlife and Fungi.

Trametes suaveolens.

I saw this lovely piece of wood on a tree stump.

We all had a great walk and the sun has been shining all day, it has been a Birthday to remember spent with my family. Time now for cake!

All the best.