Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sugar spoons.

I decided to make a few small sugar spoons with some of the Apple wood that I had left over from the Kuksa that I made.
These are great to make as they take no time at all and can be as simple or decorative as you wish, I settled on a simple design.

This is one that I have kept for my sugar bowl, the others will be gifts or sold.


  1. Hi Simon,

    Lovely work and great blog. I've recently started making spoons and I'm hooked!

    I've seen that you've carved a few things out of Horse Chestnut and I was wondering what you think about its food safety. I've made a couple of things out of it, but then thought it may be unsafe or toxic. Any thoughts?


  2. As far as I know its its the seeds that contain the poison Aesculin,then again you can get horse chestnut extract from health shops for a range of treatments including piles lol. it gets its name from the fact that horses used to eat large quantities of them, gypsies used to use them as feed for their horses. As for the wood I can not find anything on it. But Horse chestnut has been classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an unsafe herb.