Saturday, 30 July 2011

Willow Obelisks.

A while ago I gathered some Willow for projects, some has been used and the rest was left to dry.
I decided to use the dry stuff for a couple of Obelisks.

I gathered some fresh Willow for the weaving part.

Some Willow works better than others, as some just snaps as soon as you bend it towards 90 degrees. This Willow worked fine and only a couple snapped.

Weaving is so relaxing when you get into it!.
Here are the two finished Obelisks, the one on the left is sold already and the small one is for my garden for a Clematis.


  1. great stuff Simon, i have about an acre of Willow withies to clear come the autumn, should still give me a good pile of raw materials once a few bundles have been sold off to some of the local basket weavers

  2. My wife dearly loves stuff like that, and I like it pretty well myself. I've got some brush to cut this fall, also; so, once again, you've given me an idea!

  3. Beautiful, Simon!

    I made an apple sucker lattice trellis thing awhile back for our garden. It was fun but much more work than simply doing the opposing X