Thursday, 10 May 2012

Laburnum Bowl

I just love carving Laburnum!, and when we were called out to one that had fell over in the winds I kept the trunk for some bowls and other projects.
The tree had some root decay but the trunk was sound. I have only managed to carve this bowl so far and it will be a while until I carve any more.

I love the way Laburnum looks when finished with a tool finish and then oiled!.


  1. Lovely job Simon, i stil have to complete a couple of Burl bowls i have, one in Ash the other Birch, just dont seem to have the time at the moment

    1. Cheers :)I know finding the time is tough at the mo

  2. Very nice shape, finish and wood Simon. I really like these types of boat bowls.

  3. Beautiful bowl you have made, I do love the colour and figure of Laburnum. Unfortunately what I am not so keen on is the way it goes darker with age, just like yew.

  4. Like the finish on this bowl. What type of oil is used to get this finish?

    Keep carving!