Thursday, 1 November 2012

Horse Chestnut eating spoon.

I have been carving quite a bit of Horse Chestnut recently, I came from a wonderful tree that was removed because of development, a shame really as it was of a good age.

Its finished in oil paint with a few coats of flax seed oil, and chip carved decoration.
Its very nice wood to finish and is lovely and smooth from the knife.
I like the shape of this one and plan to make some more like it.

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  1. Hi Simon. I'm just starting out on my carving adventures. I have just had to have a horse chestnut felled and so I have lots of wood to practice with but I was struggling to find out if Horse Chesnut is food safe. Seeing your spoon makes me think it is, but can you offer any advice? You posts have given me some inspiration for projects so thanks for that!