Monday, 26 November 2012

Willow cooking spoon

I've made a couple of Willow cooking spoons recently so I thought that I would post a pic or two.
I have been busy trying to get my buisiness up and running lately so carving is kept to a minimum at the moment.

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Birch Leaf Tree Services

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  1. I love this website,Simon
    I am 70 years old & I live in Totnes,Devon.
    I was recently given a piece of willow that fell in the recent storms
    & I want to carve it while it is still soft. I have never carved before
    but I got a craftsman to cut the crude shape for me, so I could begin.
    My question is do I soak this wood first? & for how long.? I have many many questions : do you have a telephone?
    Fiona Green