Friday, 28 December 2012

Magnolia ladle

I got some nice bendy pieces of Magnolia a few weeks ago, perfect for spoons and ladles.
I have been wanting to carve Magnolia for ages, I found it very nice to carve, a little bit like silver Maple I think. Quite light, easy to carve and has quite nice flecks in the grain.

I carved this ladle which has a stub nose, I like the shape and I think it has turned out well.

I have become very fond of chip carving decoration and I added a few little details to the handle.

I have a few other nice bits which are smaller so I might try some eating and cooking spoons from it.


  1. Lovely looking piece Simon, great stuff to carve isnt it?, smells lovely too when fresh cut, i got a shed load of Magnolia a little while back and am slowly working my way through it.

    Happy New Year

    all the best

  2. It is great!, almost citrus smell to it.
    If you need a hand carving your way through it give me a shout lol.

    Happy New year to you too Mark.

  3. Very beautiful and elegant spoon Simon

  4. Lovely stuff and nice and bendy :)