Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spoon carving course

I have just finished a spoon carving course with 4 beginners, the day went really well and I was suprised at how well everyone did.
We started the day by splitting a few logs of Poplar and Willow.

Once everyone had decided on a design and had marked it out onto the wood we started the axe work.

I was very happy with how well everyone managed to get the hang of the axe work and were all soon feeling confident enough with the technique.

Next it was on to the knife work once everyone was happy enough with the blank.

After going over various knife grasps everyone started to refine their spoons.
It was interesting how some people got on well with some of the spoon knives but not the others, Lee Stoffers's scorp went down well with everyone, and also Magnus Sundelin's spoon knife.

Angela asked to try chip carving, so I went over the basics so that everyone could give it a go.

 A picture of the spoons, I think they did really well I'm very pleased with their progress considering they had never carved spoons or anything else before.

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  1. It must feel great to pass on your skills. Nice spoons for beginners, really.

  2. Looks like a great day, and with Axes too. Some nice different designs in the spoons.

  3. Looks like everyone learned much from you. Kudos !!!