Monday, 14 October 2013

Bay Laurel serving spoon.

I managed to get my hands on some nice Bay laurel wood last week.
I found this very nice to carve slightly fragrant and finishes very nice with the knife.

The spoon is 280mm long

I have just recently got some very nice looking apple wood which I plan on turning into some eating spoons and I have been working on some designs for some more serving spoons which I am looking forward to trying out.


  1. Nice shape on this one.
    I had the opportunity to handle your spoons at the Spoonshop and was amazed how smooth you got the surface. Do you scrape them?

    Have you ever carved spoons from apple wood? My experience with apple wood was not that good. Tried some spoons and making a stool too. Will be interesting to hear your comment about apple wood.

  2. Sorry have only just seen you question, I only use the knife to finish, sometimes I may sand the inside of the bowl. Apple wood is nice it can be a bit stringy but it can be a lovely wood. Hope this helps.