Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Some very nice cherry wood

I really love making spoons from cherry, it does tend to have a wonderful rich colour and I split some for firewood the other month that was just too nice to be burned.
 I sell firewood so sometimes it's hard not to want it for logs and it's times like this that it's hard not to want it for spoons.

My Elwell no 7 with my husky 346xp 

The wood was very wet as it had been freshly cut from a removal, so I decided to leave it a week or so split to dry up a little.
I did find that the wood tended to be a bit brittle due to the tree having ganoderma.
Having a few set backs I carved on and have so far produced a couple of spoons.

I still have some more left in cord so when I can get the chance I will split some more and see what appears from the wood.


  1. Mr. Hill, I have browsed some of your blog this morning and wanted to write, yet you have no means of contact. A Swedish friend makes spoons and spreaders BUT uses oil which I certainly believe is harmful. It is a gun oil and plainly states this on the bottle. HOW can I persuade him of the danger of using this AND do you have a contact address?

    I sure like your work!

  2. Beautiful spoons and lovely wood Simon.