Monday, 3 November 2014

Found some time to carve.

Ive been very bust recently with work and other things but managed some time to carve some very nice silver Birch.
I have also recieved in the post from Israel a lovely eating spoon from a friend Yoav Elkayam. Along with this wonderfull hand drawn envelope.

I met Yoav at Spoonfest this year and gifted him a little salt spoon from Birch.
I was delighted with his spoon and enjoyed eating my breakfast with it.

In fact I have used it daily ever since and it's a great spoon.

I also saw a post by another friend Sharif Adams, he wrote on his blog of an Apple wood spoon I gave him when I visited his home for a bowl carving course at the start of the year. He has been using it a lot since and it's one of his favourite spoons.

Mine is the one on the left with a very nice patina, I am thrilled that my spoons are enjoyed and used daily, it's a great compliment.

Finding some carving time at the weekend was very much needed and carving this rather nice Birch wood was very rewarding.

I am enjoying carving serving spoons at the moment, I'm also enjoying playing around with some different designs and styles.


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  3. These spoons look good, and made beautifully. Can you tell us from where we can order it? Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting more such posts