Monday, 25 April 2011

Spoon rack

I have been meaning to get round to making a spoon rack for ages, so I finaly got round to making one over Easter. One reason that I have never made one is because I wanted to look into the different designs, There is alot of different styles over the years but one that I really liked was from a picture on Robin Woods blog of a spoon rack from St Fagans folk life museum.

I really liked how simple it was in design, and using found materials from my garden, Willow from my tree and an off cut of Willow from some fire wood creates such a functional but simple piece.

I used the bit and brace on the low bench and using some pins it stops the wood from spinning round as you drill.

I was totally amazed when after seeing me use the bit and brace, Elizabeth picked it up and started to use it perfectly! No bit in of course, I reckon she's a natural!.

I cut a shoot from my Willow tree to use as the handle for the rack and shaped the ends to fit the holes in the base.

I used a couple of thorns from the garden to secure the handle to the base of the rack by making a small hole for the thorn to go through.

And here is the finished rack.

I cut out slots rather than drill holes for the spoons to sit in as most of my spoons handles are quite wide.

I love this style of rack and with the spoons hung on it its design looks stunning yet so simple!.


  1. Simon..went out and looked at the photo that inspired your rack...I think you took it one step further into beauty....such a functional yet beautiful rack...bravo....

  2. So simple, but also functional and beautiful at the same time. Lovely spoon rack Simon. You have inspired me!

  3. I love it! Very functional, but with a rustic beauty. I like when wood looks like wood. Nice work as always, Simon.

    Wonderful Whittlin'