Monday, 2 May 2011

A new handle

My Whitehouse Kent pattern axe handle came loose recently so I rehandled it the other day, the handle is out of Hickory with an Oak wedge, its a bought handle and for what it cost its not too bad at all.

Its a shame as the handle that was on it had a lovely patina, hopefully in years to come the new handle will take on a patina of its own.

I also knocked up a few Gypsy flowers for Elizabeth to put in the garden.

They were made from split Willow, Elizabeth wanted to have a bash at splitting which was funny as she could only just hold the mallet.

Still she gave it her best!.


  1. Handle looks nice. Daughter looks sweet!

  2. Good work fella,love the flowers.I saw a chap make some flowers at a show once using an interesting method.
    Your yard looks just like mine lol.