Friday, 20 May 2011

"Chuck Chucks"

Me and Elizabeth went to see my folks today.
My step mother loves her new egg basket she's over the moon with it.
Elizabeth couldn't wait to put it in use collecting the eggs and feed the hens, or "chuck chucks" as she calls them.

She loves the hens and enjoys feeding them.

Hens fed, eggs collected, Elizabeth taking the eggs back to the house.

The egg baskets new home, I hope my folks enjoy using it for years to come, I know when Elizabeth visits it will be the first thing she picks up as she heads out to the hens.


  1. Sweet little girl; you did good work there, too!

  2. Adorable! Great work on the egg basket, that'll be a real heirloom one day.

  3. Beauty and function...dual excellence.....sweet child...wonderful memories...

  4. Happy days mate, looks like fun.
    Looking forward to my new chucks coming later on in the year.