Thursday, 19 May 2011

Egg basket

After seeing my spoon rack my step mother liked the design so much that I thought that I would try and replicate the style into something for her. My father and step mother keep hens so after much thought I decided that I would make them an egg basket for collecting the eggs.

Its based on something I remember seeing years ago in an antique shop if I'm not mistaken.
I thought that it would be perfect for eggs with a rustic feel and a stable container for protection, plus I just love the simpleness of it.

Its made from Birch with a Willow handle, that is pinned in place by two large thorns from a Hawthorn tree. I wanted to keep the shape and finish rustic so its finished with a knife, the lid and outside of base are finished with the crook knife which gives a lovely rippled effect.
It holds 6 large eggs, I only had 3 in the house for the photos.

The lid pivots on the Willow handle on one side and the other side of the lid has a notch cut into it, it doesn't need any kind of latch as when its carried its in an upright position the lid doesn't swing open. Although one could be fitted, I'll see what my step mother says when she receives it.

I'll get some pics up when I go round to my folks house.


  1. What a lovely idea and great design

  2. You realize that you should make her a second, so she doesn't have to put all her eggs in just ONE basket!

  3. Thanks Sean, I'll be sure to tell her Gorges.

    All the best.


  4. I agree with Sean...a lovely design and a sure winner if you make some to sell.

    If mine ever come off the brood I might make one for the eggs!