Sunday, 4 March 2012

Alder bowls.

I have been on a bowl carving spurge recently and I have been enjoying it!
These two are from Alder.
I love carving Alder when its green and this was as fresh as it comes.
The colour it turns when left is fantastic, a real orangy colour, these bowls were carved green then left to dry, Alder also has a tendancy to warp when drying so I left these thick until dry, then carved the final finish.

The underside of the bowls, the longer one I carved a raised bottom which I think worked out well.

It also has a nice curve to it.

I love tooled finish work!, Alder is a great wood to carve and I am going to enjoy using these bowls.

I am also working on a Cedar bowl and A nice egg basket in Birch, when I get them finished I'll get some pics posted.


  1. I am interested in giving this a try. What tools would I need to get started?

  2. Hi Troy,
    You can get by with an axe, knife and crook knife(spoon knife) to carve your bowl, if you get hooked you will find yourself wanting an Adze to remove the wood from the centre quicker and a bent gouge. hope this helps.

  3. Hi,

    Love the bowls, where did you get the idea for the shape? they look really good.

    all the best