Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spoon carving course pictures from today

Todays spoon carving course went really well, there were two people booked in but unfortunately one student couldn't make it. Keith was meant to come on the last course that I ran in March but the bad weather made it difficult for him to get to there. Teaching one to one with todays student Keith was fantastic, when Keith arrived I asked him if he had carved anything before, it turned out Keith had never carved before which as it happens made today a very rewarding challenge.

Keith showed great promise with an axe and was very accurate with his strikes.

Teaching students one to one is really beneficial as your full focused on their every cut.

Keith really mastered the different knife grasps after persevering and soon became very competent and confident.
After dinner the fire alarm went off by mistake, and it was just too loud to continue indoors, so we went outside for a carve until it stopped.

Heres a pic of Keith's and my spoon.

Keith's spoon is the one on the top.

One of the things we concentrated on today was to create a curved spoon from a straight piece of wood, you can see from the photos that Keith did a fantastic job and has created a stunning shape.
I really enjoyed teaching Keith today and teaching one to one was a great experience.


  1. Nice one Simon, i love teaching one to one, makes the day a bit more special i feel, hope the students on the two courses i have scheduled for this week do as well as Keith.

  2. Cheers Mark, It was a great day and I'm sure under your expert guidance your students will do fine mate :)