Monday, 22 July 2013

Pot hooks on spoons

I thought that I would do a quick photo tutorial on how to carve a simple pot hook to go on the back of larger spoons.
Pot hooks are a very usefull and decorative feature on serving spoons and cooking spoons.
Heres a simple way to carve them using just a sloyd knife.

For this demo I am using a piece of birch the pot hook would go on the back of the spoons handle and needs to be positioned so that the spoon can be hooked on the side of a pot or pan, not to high up or to low down near the bowl.
I start of by marking with the knife where to hook will be. I cut down with a bit of pressure to score the wood.
I then cut down to the score line.
And trim of the lifted pieces of wood, the hook needs to be deep enough to hold the spoon but not too deep into your handle as to create a weakness.
When you are happy with the depth you can carve into the hook to round it off or you can leave it, I like to round the inside of the hook.
I use the tip of my knife and carve into the hook creating a nice and round hook.
Leaving you with a nice angled hook, the hook needs to be strong so don't carve too thin. You can now chamfer off all the edges and shape the back of the handle and hook.
And there you have it a simple pot hook for your spoons.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, didn´t try it until now, but we will get there :)
    Regards Frederik

  2. Thanks. I wish it went on. To see the rest of the carving. (dont want to sound ungreatful. Just love the post)

  3. Wow this is fantastic, what a handsome spoon! Would love to give it a try! Thanks for sharing. :)