Sunday, 28 July 2013

Some spoon carving from yesterdays course.

Yesterday I ran another spoon carving course for three folk who had never carved a spoon before, it was a great day and the quality of the carving was excellent. All three students showed great axe skill and knife work, it is always a pleasure to see how well students take to the different knife grasps and watching them switch between them almost seamlessly.

Barry is an Arborist like myself and also runs a shop selling all the equipment tree surgeons need at his shop Skyland Equipment  
His site is very good and well worth a look.

Here you can see how well the axe work is, carving as much wood off with the axe as possible.

Liz showed great axe skill and was using the axe alot to remove the wood.

And finally the spoons that were carved.

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