Thursday, 28 November 2013

Last weekends spoon course

Last weekend I ran a one to one spoon carving course for Julie, Julie had contacted me asking for a one to one course in order to improve her symmetry and help to achieve a crank in the spoons she had been carving. 
Julie had brought along some of her spoons, we looked them and julie went through what she liked and disliked about them.

Julie was a great student and because she has been carving for a while she was very good with the axe and knife techniques.

This made it easier to concentrate on the process of carving the crank.
Which she did a very good job.
Here is the spoon she carved on the course at the bottom with one she had prieviously carved and was not happy with.
A noticeable difference.

Julie also wanted to learn how to add a keel to her spoons.

We even had time to go over some basic chip carving.

The finished spoon.

All in all it was a very good day and Julie was a pleasure to teach.

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