Saturday, 7 December 2013

Magazine article on my spoon carving.

I spent my Saturday morning the other weekend in one of my favourite woodlands, carving a spoon for a magazine article on my spoons and my carving.

I love being among these grand Beech trees and me and my family often walk these woods In Chadkirk. 
This spot is off the track and to the rear of this picture are holly bushes which provide and excellent screen from the wind.

I was contacted by Landscape magazine interested in running a feature on my spoons and they sent down a photographer and a reporter to interview me on why I like to use and make wooden spoons. 

As part of the photo shoot and so that the the magazine could see and understand I carved a spoon, going through the processes I explained various things and in turn was asked questions about my spoons. 

It was a very interesting day and I was overjoyed at being asked to do the article.
It's nice that people like what I'm doing and are interested. I look forward to seeing the article and photographs.

The spoon finished from carving in the woods. It has changed from the spoon on the day somewhat as I wasn't quite happy with a few things with it. I removed some chip carving on it that I was demonstrating for the photographs and added a better pattern and worked on the handle shape.

I'm happy with this one now, I will post neared to the time on details of the magazine when it comes out in February if you are interested.

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