Saturday, 14 December 2013

The joy of wooden spoons.

I was asked recently what I like about wooden spoons. I love making spoons because I am always striving to produce better more functional work. 

The joy comes in when they are used, my daughter and I use wooden spoons everyday to eat with and it's through use that we can understand the design aspects that either work or don't work and we can then refine these details.

It is through using wooden spoons you soon begin to realise that they are quieter than metal spoons, they are warm to touch compaired to metal and they take on a very nice patina with age.
It is the small details that I really like about wooden spoons that have been used.
For instance my daughters spoon that I made for her over a year ago has very small teeth marks on the rim of the bowl, These are very unique to her and they will always be there to remind us of her when she was younger. 

It's the marks from use that I find interesting and that's why I love to make and use wooden spoons, so that they can be used daily and take on their own patina and character marks that can sometimes tell a story about its use or it's user.

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