Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A few spoons in Sycamore

I have been making a few serving spoons recently to put up on my website
They are all made in Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus, it is a very nice wood to work with hardly any figure so I chip carved some basket weave patterns into the handles.

Here they are pictured with a couple of eating spoons.
A couple of the servers have pot hooks on the handle to stop the spoon from slipping into the pan.

Here they are pictured in my spoon rack


  1. Simon, great looking spoons. I love your designs as well on the handles. I just finished my fourth spoon and it's up on my blog.... I think I'm hooked now...
    thanks for the inspiration, Doug.

  2. Beautiful work on the spoons. I'm just getting into carving spoons. I'm starting to ask my parishioners to keep me in mind when they cut or trim fruit trees or other woods like Sycamore. Being a woodcarver myself, I especially like your carving details as that makes them unique. Blessings.