Saturday, 25 January 2014

Holly ladle

I got hold of a nice big branch union on some holly last week, big enough for a decent sized ladle.

Now to work this into a ladle first I needed to split the bottom section and the side branch in half, then I cut it down to size and thinned the edge down with the axe.

Now I have my natural shape I work the piece with the axe more until it looks like a ladle.

Now I have my basic shape using the axe I can further work it with the knife and hollow the bowl with the spoon knife.

When I'm happy with it I let it dry and then do the finishing cuts. Holly has a tendency to go grey when cut green, so when it's dry I will go over it to finish it with the knife.

Now that it's dry and the finishing cuts are done I Mark out the basket weave pattern in pencil. I have been asked before to do a tutorial on chip carving and I can't find my video camera and my phone isn't the best. I will get round to it one day.

Once the chip carving is done I oil with flax seed oil 

A natural bent ladle from a branch union.


  1. Nice work,good strong wood.

  2. That's a beautiful ladle, thanks for sharing. I tried holly foir the first time a few months ago but found it had an offensive smell. It put me off trying it again. Is the smell usual?