Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bowls finally oiled

I managed to get some pics of the sycamore bowls that I turned on Sharif Adams course. 
So as I am in hospital waiting for an operation on my leg I thought that I would releave the Boredom By writing up this blog post.

I am really pleased with the final bowls and the colours are fantastic!.

This was my first bowl so I dated it for future reference.

I am also working on spoon designs in my sketch book. As I can't carve I thought that I would keep up my spirits by at least drawing spoons, putting inspiration and ideas down on paper really help you understand what works and what doesn't style and design wise.

Some of the designs won't ever be made but a couple I am really excited about a couple of them and I will start carving them from some very nice sycamore when I am able to.
I have a few spoons that I carved over the last week that are nearly finished so when I am happy with them I will post them up here.

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  1. The bowls came out great and you're spoon sketches are really nice. Good luck with you're surgery. I speak from experience when I say that I know hospitals are no fun to be in.