Friday, 2 May 2014

A little bit of reading in hospital

I have just had a very nice visit from a friend of mines who's wife works at the hospital I'm in recovering from an operation on my leg.
Graham who I used to with had seen that I was in hospital from my blog and asked his wife to bring me in these books.

Graham makes slingshots from natural branch forks and we always used to chat about woods and a lot of things about greenwood crafts.
Graham sent me in these books for reading and I am very grateful as it will keep me going.

I miss our chats about walking sticks and the ways of old, I always used to try and collect the nice forks from the chipper for Graham and enjoyed it when he brought in the slingshots that he made,

Thank you Graham it's a lovely gesture and I'll ring you when I get out.


  1. Hope You will get better soon!

  2. Hoping you start to feel better soon so you can continue to inspire us

  3. Thanks my leg is healing well