Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Landscape magazine article (spoons)

The latest copy of Landscape magazine featuring an article on my work is out now.
I was approached by the magazine last year about running an article on my spoons.
It was an interesting day being interviewed whilst going through the process of my carving.
I'm pleased with the article and impressed with the photographs.
The magazine can be viewed online but unfortunately it's only 16 pages and I don't think I'm on there.
Here's some pics from the magazine.

It's good that craft is getting the attention that it deserves in the UK .


  1. Yeah amazing pictures specially wood work looking adorable thanks for sharing your precious work with us i ll share these pictures with my friends and with my designers.

  2. The article cannot be read from the pictures. The resolution is not high enough. I cannot locate it anywhere else. Would like to read it. Is these a link somewhere or can you load higher resolutions? Thanks.

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