Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The joys of spalted wood

I love spalted wood and found a nice sized Birch log in the wood pile. 

This came from a tree that was infected by Piptoporus betulinus, because of the way the fungus breaks down the cellulose and hemi cellulose the wood often has a nice smell to it, almost like a eucalyptus smell, this wood smelled lovely.

When split the wood had a nice natural curve so I decided to follow this and make a ladle.

With the rough shape axed out I then trim up with the axe to thin and refine the spoon blank ready for the knife work.

At this stage I'm happy to start using the knife.

Me carving and my daughter making loom bands, she's obsessed with them and is getting good at making them, it's good to see her concentrating on her craft.

Ready for the oil.

I love how nicely the wood has darkened up with the oil.

This Ladle measures 280mm in length and is part of my stock I will be taking to spoonfest to sell in a few weeks time.

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  1. Amazing! You are too good at making such good crafts. I must say, using your own handmade kitchen tools adds flavor and love in food too. One could be very proud of using these. And your daughter is adoreable.